a summer's journey


'Happy' by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Now, yes, I know, I'm not the most decent blogger, not the most frequent one, but when I do write, I write it out and I write my sincere thoughts straight from the tips of my fingers and top of my mind.

And that's what my blog is made out of. My lurky, yet honest and open stories. This is what blogging meant to me since the very beginning when I started writing five whole years ago. Talking to yourself but also understanding that you're talking with others at the same time.

Conversations with myself, yet dialogues directed at you, too. For understanding and following me on my journey, if you wish. It's no rocket science.

I would love to revive my blog and do at least a single weekly post once more, reconnect with my audience, but.. sometimes you just need to take your time. Take it all in and rumble through your thoughts and a selection of memories.

And that's what I did, now look at me! I'm here and I decided to stamp some of them out. I have a fair share of remembrances that should not only be stamped out on the internet but also in my head for as long as I can keep them there.

As the summer is dripping away once again, I am glad to announce that it's quite possibly one of the best ones I have had so far.

I know, it's quite a statement, right? But listen!

It's true.

I think that it was. It still is. Not because it's summer. Actually, I'm not that particularly fond of summer overall, I'm more spring kind of a gal, yet this summer has been rewarding in all sort of ways and all of this just happened to happen in summertime.

I suppose that I perceive it as the one of the best since I am of the opinion that as we grow, our senses of perception grow too. We form more delicate, more profound and thought-out opinions as we face a greater number of experiences in life, therefore, we can pick out our little journeys and memories that are of bigger importance than any others.

Even though, time is a linear one-way movement or a dimension, if you will, each decision influences the upcoming ones too. Even if it's by a tiny teeny fraction, I am of the opinion that what we do makes an impact on us as human beings and maybe even has an effect on our future. The decisions are writing the future, the future is our memories to be. Speaking of memories, I am very glad to be choosing mine. Some particular memories that I carry in my brain do have a great emotional value to my own consciousness.

Going back to this summer being one of the best? Yes. Yes. All of the yesses. As if life is paying me back for all the bad times that clouded my days. It's paying me back in these little big wonders of warmth, giggles, hugs, journeys, tiny adventures, cheek strokes, park walks, kisses in the rain under the umbrella, beautiful beaches, jumps on trampolines, live music, gorgeous flowers, strangers smiling at me on the street, holding hands, stares, appreciation, caramel macchiato,trying to play saxophone, great movies, feeling beautiful, reading in a balcony, cozy cuddle times, sleeping in a tent, great wine, wandering out at night, this fantastic love and a super handsome, wonderful and phenomenal man that comes all along with this. ♥ You're my favourite, R.

You know, I think I might have secretly mastered in blabbering and switching topics. Weeeell. That's how my mind works. Welcome, if you're new to this!

To sum this tiny update or my summer's journey up, I've graduated, I've been to an absolutely marvelous festival where I saw Placebo, Incubus, Years & Years, The Black Keys and plenty of other great artists live. I have been graced with a physically demanding, yet a rewarding job. I've met so many fun people to be around and above this I am loved and in absolute love. There you go. How is this just not the freaking best summer ever? It is. I know. 

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