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Yello, cookies!

So I've been planning to post an update on some recent thingies for quite a serious amount of time, yet I could never make myself actually do it because, I don't know, some unclear unknown extraterrestrial reasons. *insert alien emoji here*

My attention is usually very much all over the place and sometimes I find it quite difficult to focus on a task for a longer period of time. I get distracted like a tiny kitten who's just needs to play with this new little toy or I just simply get bored to bits so I can't force myself taking up the task I'm supposed to do.

Social media is usually my major point of distraction, you know, silly Buzzfeed articles like 27 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason, Youtube videos, Twitter updates, Instagram feed and other short-term thingies, social media wonders and random knick knacks.

I am a very momental person if that's even a word. I think of something and I instantly have to do it. I've been like this since my early childhood and if it hasn't shifted in 22 years I'm afraid it never will. (not actually afraid, but, yeah, you know) Spontaneity makes me me. So much for life strategies, but oh well. I might secretly be a pugtato.

See, I blabbered on. I just had to do it. Alrighty, let's take a journey down the recent life event lane because why not?

'Pugtato' by Sophie Corrigan

So past this quite some time while I wasn't blogging, I've been doing a bunch of stuff and many changes occurred.

First, I moved out of Denmark for good at the end of March / beginning of April and got back to my lovely hometown Klaipėda. Or so I thought. But more on this later. Whilst going to a coffee presentation meeting I took one of my first strolls around Klaipėda's old town and snapped some lovely sunshiny pics.

Klaipėda's old town

I volunteered in the annual Let's Do It World cleaning up activity where my brother, his girlfriend, me and a bunch of other people tried to clean up the Smiltynė forest and the beach. My brother told me that I seemed to have carried the biggest bag of trash back to the campsite. I walked a lot, was really tired, but at the end of the day I got to enjoy some gorgeous nature views, fresh air and I did something great for the world.

The beautiful Smiltynė beach and the Baltic sea.

I cut my hair. A pretty drastic bold, way shorter cut. I actually never had my hair this short so it's definitely an experience. As I stepped from the hairdresser's chair I felt so ecstatic. A pretty difficult feeling to write out, but I just felt a tad bit lighter, joyful and like I got rid of something so old and something that wasn't that much-needed anymore. At some points, I felt like my old long fluffy hair was still behind my back but it actually never was as I flicked it back. Now, after a month of getting them cut I think I finally got used to them being this length.

Shorter straight cut.

I noticed that after cutting my hair shorter I started making less of a fuss about it not being straightened, it definitely has more volume as the hair isn't as weighed down by their own mass. The only weird part is that they're getting more tangled than ever and that basically never happened to me before. *life mysteries*

Went to a coffee selling thingie event. Listened to people achieving their life goals and dreaming big. Got offered some great coffee. Got offered to also be selling that coffee and their coffee pod apparatuses, yet I turned down the offer 'cause it needed plenty of investing which I can't do at this time. I also just didn't see myself doing that.

Also, visited an entrepreneurship fair 'Verslas Veža' with its silliest name ever that can literally be translated to 'Business Drives'. Nonetheless, I learnt quite valuable communication secrets there as well got to see Colours of Bubbles live for the very first time where they shared their success story as well as put on a short acoustic performance.

Possibly my favourite COB song.

I got done with my so called internship and handed in my report on it which I wrote in, like, 3 days. It all was just one big necessity. 

Went to Garbanotas Bosistas gig alone. Even though I felt lonely as f, I had the best time ever. Garbanotas Bosistas music always just somehow cures my soul. If I had the possibility, I'd go to their every show. I love seeing them grow. I still remember that very night when I saw them for the 1st time in November of 2011 in Roxy and was like Garbanotas who?! That night is still so damn memorable to me and I don't even know why. We danced quite a lot and even though I couldn't dance that didn't stop me. I was happy that night.

Garbanotas Bosistas Gig's poster. ♥

This last one, in particular, was just fantastic. Here's an excerpt from my Instagram post about their concert:

It's quite difficult to write down all of the emotions I was going through at that time, yet I know that I would gladly relive every second of that day. Just imagine - one of your favourite bands playing live, sun setting right in front of your eyes down to the Curonian Lagoon, all of this positive energy and you just feel as if you're floating on water. Hands down, one of the best experiences I have ever come across. I wish I took more pictures, but I was just simply too preoccupied with the music.

The only picture I took in GB gig. Taken with iPhone 4, edited with Afterlight. 

I have accidentally found this full live Garbanotas Bosistas concert and I couldn't be any more happy than I am right now! It feels almost as if I was seeing them live. I am never disappointed by this wonderful wonderful band. 

I handed in my final AP degree project on this lovely hotel's Superbude social media endeavours. Of course, I spent the majority of the time which could have been used for writing procrastinating, therefore, I had a bit of a stressful week and almost two sleepless nights to battle the ~50 pages I had to write.

I spent plenty of lovely, quality time with the fam. We watched movies and ate great food together, visited places and just enjoyed each other's company.

Got reunited with one of my best friends Erika and realized how much I missed her face and her sarcastic jokes. We spent around 7 hours together talking and walking and enjoying each other's company, she also helped me take some pictures for an upcoming post. I just really love that girl, can't grow tired of her. She's my best buddy from high school and I'm so glad we're still in touch. Will never forget all of the hilarious times we had together. ♥

Sorrz, bub, either one of us looked like complete dumplings in other pics.

I started geocaching. After having found out about this awesomely fun spare time activity from one girl on Twitter, I gave it a go myself. Lonely wandering and looking for hidden treasures really spares you time to be alone with yourself and take your surroundings in. On the very 1st day I found two tiny geocaches.

Found my first geocache.

 I love no season more than I love spring.

I might somehow think that this is one of the best pictures I have ever taken. The nail polish is more corally salmon orange than red in reality.

Began contemplating of ways how I want to actually live my life. I know where I'd like to settle down, (at least for now) where I'd love to work, (psst psst - Bored Panda) how I would like to look, what I would like to do in my spare time. I'm slowly, but surely figuring my life out. Hey, it's not about the destination, but about the result. Gotta enjoy this journey while it lasts. 

Went on a fantastic one - day journey with my family to the beautiful Latvia. Not gonna blabber about this one too much as I'm trying to put up a whole separate post on that. All in all, the journey was pretty.

Jelgava, Latvia is so darn beautiful. (this pic was already gorgeous unedited)

Rooted my brains out for Lithuania in Eurovision song contest and had an awesome lot of fun commenting on the whole event on my Twitter account. I realized that I might not be so much into Eurovision itself but rather the whole commenting and connecting with others. I was very fond of Latvia's, Cyprus and Austria's performance in no particular order.

Reconnected with my beloved British friend Simon. Bee boy might really be coming to Lithuania this time around! Gee, his British accent is nuts! *by that I mean super lovely* I was very happy when told that my spoken English got way better and that I speak with an American accent. Mr. Bee is so damn adorable. He sent me his spare copy of 'Looking for Alaska' which I wanted to read for agesss. Sharing books, music, movies is one of the warmest and most wonderful gestures in friendship, in my opinion.

This is mine now. 

Packed my shiz and got back to Denmark in a long yucky ride through ~half of Europe. The ride wasn't too pleasant, but at least it's over for now. I'm here to finish off with my studies, sit (or rather stand through) the final exam and go to a quality dermatologist's appointment. Not sure if I'll stay here for a while to find a job or leave back for Lithuania just yet.

Nowadays I've just been spending my time walking around the cozy Horsens, trying to recollect what I left and notice what has changed, enjoying the Scandinavian architecture, baking up a tasty home-made pizza, re-dyeing my hair into a super fiery red, enjoying my lovely roomie's company and laughing at Lithuanianball comics together, drinking way too much alcohol than it is actually necessary, putting up a party, celebrating, trying to prepare for our exams and just continuing living and growing.

I'm not sad, nor afraid. I'm excited about the future that is yet to come.

 Gardens are just pretty much amazing. 

My kind of home baked pizza with chicken, cherry tomatoes, pineapple pieces, and pickles.

So that is it for this pretty huge blog post after heck knows how long. Hope you sneaky peeps enjoyed it. Kisses! ♥

Pssst! What have you been up to nowadays? 


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