Goodie round - up | week 6.


Welcome, peeps!

Once again continuing my weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) tradition of goodie round-up aka appreciation of beauty, media, art, tv goodies and other awesome stuff. Each week brings something dazzling and ravishing to my life and, since, sharing is caring, I'm here to speak of thingies that brought me joy in week 6. ♥ Hopefully these will bring you joy, inspire you or just simply make your day better. Thanks for coming around, attentive and supportive folks like you send me over the moon! x


This time I chose Micklyn Le Feuvre-Smith to be my admired artist of the week. As usually, I've been scrolling through my Society6 feed as all of a sudden my eyes stuck to these beauties. Well, it's no surprise that I'm a huge lover of floral patterns as my blog is decorated by one, but these are slightly different. It has a really nice, mature, classy feel to it. You can really feel the quality breathing out of the painting. The details, shadows and the artist's added realistic feel brings it to a whole different level to me. I really enjoy the colour palette as it is quite subtle and not overly saturated. I found myself really gravitating to the 'Painted Protea Pattern' and even used it as my phone's wallpaper and lock screen. The poppy painting is so freakin' realistic so it feels as if I could touch it! I get the feeling/memory of my fingertips brushing through the silky texture of poppy's blossoms. All in all, I believe that Micklyn is a superb artist who has the ability to make you feel the painting which is quite a rare thing I come across.


This last week I have been spending way more time on tumblr and lurking around over there, as I love photography/graphics and just simply visual aesthetics. As a result, I decided to share some of my favourite finds here as well. Unfortunately, tumblr is quite a messy place, therefore I find it really hard to trace back to the original artists, so, sadly, no credits will be put under the pictures. Sorry for that. Merp. K Also, all of these are separate pictures, collages were made only for space saving purposes. If you care to find the separate pictures, email me or just check out my tumblr. Anyway, these are what I really liked from the copious amount of tumblr goodies this last week.

The colour of the lizard really got me going. Also, it looks like he stopped to smell (eat) the roses, didn't he? Hahah! The pineapples on the right speak to me of summer, warmth and something really exotic. I really liked the picture, even though those are only pineapples.

One of my favourite colours is purple and if crystals (Jesus Christ, Marie! They're minerals!) are purple, it's the perfect combo. The blue mascara on the left is really gorgeous to me. Never thought that something as simple as mascara could make such a fantastic effect. Really livens up the look, excited to try a coloured mascara one day!

Since greenery and nature give me life I can't skip on sharing some of the outside's wonders with you, guys. I wish I spent more time in the nature and even if tumblr won't ever be able to replace how fantastic the nature really is in person, at least I get my daily dose if its beautiful sights.

Some illustration wonders. I really dislike featuring artwork and not giving credit, but, damn, these just can't be not featured. Love the first drawing by Meghann (the only credit I found) with the eternal Kurt Cobain's quote which is so relatable. Sometimes you really have to raise your middle finger to the world and just go with who you really are. On a lighter note, I love tea. And as a tea lover illustrations like that one on the right make me happy. Unfortunately, my favourite isn't shown, but since the drawing is so beautiful I didn't even mind it. Tea is truly always a good idea.

Cute animals are what my life revolves around. Kittens, hamsters, guinea pigs, quokkas, koalas, MY GOODNESS. I want to snuggle them all! Therefore, this post would not be complete without their irresistible cute faces.


This week I’ve been really enjoying James Bay’s music. I suppose these two tracks are pretty well known, though I decided to share them as I might be not the only one living under a rock and not knowing about James Bay. I’m pretty sure that more words are not necessary here, but having a listen will surely help you shape an opinion of your own.



Also, inspired by Will Darbyshire, I decided to create a monthly playlist of my own. At the beginning of each month I’ll be creating a new playlist and for the whole month ‘til its end be looking out for new/unheard music that I like and I’m gonna put all of it in the playlist. By doing this I’ll be able to remember the music I liked through different periods and I think that it’s a really cool concept + super easy to achieve. If you’re keen on my music taste and what I listen to, you are more than welcome to check out and maybe even follow my playlist.



These two guys (Muezz & Claudio) were my absolute highlight of last week as they are foreigners who speak Lithuanian with Lithuanian being my mother tongue. Unfortunately, if you have no command of my language, you won't be able to understand what the guys are talking about, but English subtitles are there to help. Now, why am I so fascinated by this? Not everyday a foreign person will want to learn Lithuanian since it's one of the harder languages to crack. Not everyday a Swede and an Italian guy will be walking around Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania) speaking of cepelinai and balandeliai (very common dishes in Lithuania) in pretty decent Lithuanian. Even though these vlogs work kind of like an advertisement for the language teaching website Bliu Bliu I tend to overlook that as the guys are so damn entertaining! If you're keen on how Lithuanian sounds from a foreigner's mouth, make sure to watch the video below. Maybe Lithuanian isn't that tough to crack as I thought!

On a more serious note, my weekly youtube love goes to Will Darbyshire. I enjoy how his videos are very topic oriented, clean and crisp. I found him from Arden who did a Q&A video together with Will. I am really fond of Arden who is the master of quirkiness. Also, Will seems to be a really down to earth guy, as well as, let's admit, quite handsome too. Since I found Will, I have already watched all of his videos. Here I'm sharing wth an introductory video of Will to hook you too!

Did you know that laughter prolongs lives? Here, have a giggle, cutie. Giggle is only said softly as I laughed like a psycho. Not only at this one, but other Bad Lip Reading videos too. They are absolutely hilarious! Random isn't always funny though sometimes it works and in this case it works crazy well. In case you're a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, yet don't take it strictly seriously, have a watch. The funniest videos to me are the bad lip readings for the NFL as those guys are so pumped and active and mixing them with hilarious random things just makes it a thousand times better. Since I can't put this in any more sensible words, just take a look and have a great laugh. 

Not plenty to say, pandas enjoying snow. SO STINKIN' CUTE!

This video or should I say the sound is ridiculously funny. I never knew this about Swedes and it turns out to be amazing. Though I always knew that Swedes are really friendly and just generally awesome so no surprise that they think of such hilarious things to incorporate in their daily routines.


This week I chose to feature this pretty guy by Rimmel London nail polish in 312 'Ultra Violet'. I absolutely ADORE the colour as it is so lively, vivid and beautiful in this gorgeous violet/lavender shade. I was attracted to it not only because the colour seemed gorgeous, but also because it promise d to provide an up to 10 day colour stay and a gel-like finish. As you can see, it does have the gel-like finish, but I'm a bit disappointed with the longevity feature. 3 days in the colour chipped on one finger and my nails overall had the visible white nail edge. On the other hand, I still have this on my nails right now! It pretty much didn't budge anywhere else and only on that one finger which possibly was a problem of my own as that one nail tend to grow back in layers. Anyway, this was my first go at Rimmel London nail polishes and, to be honest, I'm really happy with the outcome. Mostly, I am just really in love with the colour.

Rimmel London nail polish in 312 'Ultra Violet'


So I love guacamole aaaand I love grilled cheese. Why don't we put these two together? Guess what? It works! It kind of tastes like soup, but the yummy kind. Or maybe those are only my wicked taste buds. Well, anyway, sticking to healthy stuff mostly. My body is happy when I treat it with these yummy, fresh and nutritious things. Have you tried guac grilled cheese?

So I started really liking these weird crackers which apparently are super acceptable in the daily Danish life as these are quite popular. They are healthy too, which I am a fan of, of course. They are 100% whole grain as well are very crispy though dry. To battle the dryness, I topped them with the best garlic cream cheese, some roasted mushrooms, chicken breast fillet and veggie/fruit goodness. On the side, I have my fave food of the week - edamame. Immature soybeans which taste awesome, and again are healthy being high in protein and fibre. A perfect snack, yum yum.

As you can see, that little serving of edamame gives you a bunch of fiber: 9 grams, about the same amount you'll find in 4 slices of whole-wheat bread or 4 cups of steamed zucchini. It has almost as much protein as it does carbohydrate. It contains around 10% of the Daily Value for two key antioxidants; vitamins C and A. And for a plant food, it's quite high in iron; it has about as much as a 4-ounce roasted chicken breast. - Elaine Magee (an excerpt from 'The Secret of Edamame' from Web MD)

Last week I've been really loving yet another tea from Celestial Seasonings. I have already talked about them quite a lot in some of the past posts, but my love for CS is not wilting. ♥ Their teas are all natural with this particular one containing hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, natural blueberry flavour with other natural flavours, (contains soy lecithin) blackberry leaves, wild blueberries and blueberry leaves. AND IT TASTES EXACTLY LIKE BLUEBERRIES! What I noticed about Celestial Seasonings is that whatever's written on the box or however the taste is described it will always taste what it says it tastes like. I have not yet been disappointed by their amazingness. Also, can we talk about that cute bear swimming in the blueberry river? Yup, fantastic! I have yet to try this tea on ice as it is highly recommended by the blendmaster.

True Blueberry by Celestial Seasonings


Shameless has been keeping me on its hook throughout its all 5 seasons and I must admit that it is one of my favourite shows ever. I don't know why am I so attracted to it, but it must be the pure harsh sincerity, reality, a bit of harshness and perversion. Shameless is already 5 episodes into season 5 and I've been loving each and every one of them. This show is possibly one thing among only a few why Mondays are worthwhile.


I am totally in love with this glitter paper! I am completely dazed by its glittery beauty and I picked it up for my picture backgrounds. I love how it has blue/pink glitter and it doesn't fall everywhere or stick to my fingers. The only disadvantage is that it is really thin. Nonetheless, I'm really happy with the purchase. 2 A4 sheets are in one package and the price is 0,88 €. Got it in Søstrene Grene

This puts my goodie round - up of week 6 to an end. Already in week 7 and collecting plenty of other goodies to showcase. Hope you guys are all good. Take care. Cheers! ♥


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