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I'm that person whose brain starts buzzing like crazy at night. I tend to have countless thoughts about everything and anything and that results in wanting to shoo them away so that I can rest. Unfortunately, falling asleep early nowadays is kind of a mystery to me. Mainly, it's either a great book I'm currently into or the aforementioned crazy thought traffic. Anyway, because of the latter, I decided to start a new segment in my blog - After Midnight Thoughts. I tend to be really honest & talkative at night and luckily, I have my Blogger app in my phone, so I can scribble a little draft once in awhile. After brushing it up a bit, voila! A new post. This time I'll be talking about social media which I greatly enjoy on a daily basis, though noticed some faults that tend to get to me. Here we go!

I love social media. I've been a fan since forever. To be exact, for something close to 10 years. To start with my early teens, meeting plenty of people online, some of who turned out to become my best friends felt amazing. Managing fan pages, uploading pictures, getting feedback, all of that lovely jazzy stuff feels great to me. It grew to be way more than that. Heck, I even started blogging even though as of first it was to sizzle out my angsty teen emotions. Anyway, I love social media. I grew with it, in it and it's one if the factors that motivates me to roll out of bed in the mornings. I'm even thinking that I'd love to build my career with the foundation being SM and  that seems like a reasonable wish as I got offered a trial position in an amazing company! *so excited*

Unfortunately, as of late, I noticed that social media isn't that social and there's more about "me" in media. What I mean is that people are not focusing that much on being social in all of these wonderful media platforms. Okay, alright, I'll admit it, I might be not as socially active everyday, 'cause sometimes you just have those days when you want to completely back off and take time to yourself only. But on the days I am active on most of my media channels, well, people, I thrive! It just makes me happy. Getting in touch with all of these awesome people from all around the world, sharing knowledge, giving out advice. It's pretty.

Anyway, back to the main problem here. Not all, of course, (you can never speak for all) but definitely a lot of people loves to bathe in attention. Honestly, occasionally, attention is a pretty lovely thing, especially when you're praised for the hard work you did. But this time I'm speaking of the one's who'll rather seek for attention than give it away. All of these profiles we build for ourselves. Create attractive descriptions, upload pretty images of ourselves, generate thousands of likes or little hearts and whatever the other likability measurements are scattered all over the web. Honestly, is it even about likability or is the like button pressed just as an expectation to get one in return? I've been seeing all of these like for like, follow for follow hashtags & exclamations. I just feel that they're so mindless and just so unworthy. As if the amount of likes you collected depicts your self-worth in any way.

At least, a like given out because I pressed the heart button beforehand personally means absolutely nothing to me. What about following, liking person's content if you really enjoy it? I believe that this like for like strategy (?) provides a lot of haziness and confusion in the world of people who truly care about the content they put out. If it's so easy just spamming everyone with continuous likes just to get a few back, why isn't everybody producing shitty content and sharing the horrendous hashtags?

I'm not even talking about click farms. That's on a completely different level. Let's say your page is relatively new and you decide to put an ad out to the world. A few days pass and you collect a couple hundred likes on your page but little to no interaction. Buddy, I'm afraid, but you might be a victim of a click farmer. These people who work in click farms are paid cents to like thousands of random pages without even caring about the content inside. Building a community out of click farmers is impossible as they're too busy liking dozens of other pages. Not only because of that, but simply because they don't care. Rumour has it, Facebook involuntarily (?) works with these kinds of terms. Watch Veritasium's video below to learn more about this topic. 

Now, I understand that the world is often ruled by numbers, whether that is the number of likes or the amount of cash in your bank account. But I just wished that more people realized that liking somebody's content when you truly like it brings so much more wealth and so much more worth to the creator than a sheer like-back or the fake farm likers. Building quality relationships, taking time to respond, writing a thought-out comment, giving out advice, now that's what social media is about to me.

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