Goodie round - up | week 2.


Well, hello there! *winkwink*

As it is in my nature, I'm late to post my weekly goodies. I just love to take my sweet time to bring you an in depth post on the thingies I have been loving this past week. Woosh, let's do this thing!


As usually, first stop, art appreciation. This week I decided to go with David Fleck. I'll put it this way, the guy is pretty much an art genius. I am head over heels in love with the intricacy, the teeniest tiniest details that create this absolute art wholeness. Here you go, a lack of words! I especially enjoy gazing at his structure drawings which are very well complimented by gorgeous pastel colours. Massive kudos for the talented David Fleck.

As I find quite a connection between the latter artist and my next goodie, I might as well put it next. I have a goal to watch at least one film in a week since I am super super behind with watching movies. (even though I adore the cinematic goodies) It can also double as a lovely piece of recommendation. I'm not much of a critic, rather an appreciator, therefore, without any further adieu, my movie of the week definitely has to go to The Grand Budapest Hotel. Honestly, this was the 1st movie that I have watched from Wes Anderson's wonders and I truly feel like I have been missing out on a lot in my life! The Grand Budapest Hotel is a sheer wonder in a movie form. I won't go deep within the plot as that has already been done perfectly for me in this spoiler-free review. I am super fond of the film, especially of the quirky, playful characters, of course, the colour palette which is being talked about plentiful. All in all, TGBH is truly worth its hype! Thumbs up and a recommendation to see it from me as well if you haven't already.

The Grand Budapest Hotel movie poster

Neeeeeext! Music. Music is one of the biggest love of my life so it can't go unattended. This week I have been really enjoying Jason Mraz's musical beauties. I think all of you know the popular I'm Yours, right? But wait, there's more! Jason is such an earthy, laid back and positive person and it can really be felt in his music. I already knew him for a really long time and, of course, knew all the words to I'm Yours by heart, so there's no surprise. I happened to find Jason's music again but this time to give it a go to more songs of his than just that super popular one. I found this video on 9GAG TV by complete accident where Jason asks his fan to come up on stage and take part in one of his songs. The boy not only had a shaker which he played very well but a great voice too, so it ended up being a lovely duet. For the next day or two, I just couldn't rip the song out of my head, so I started listening to Be Honest what happen to be one of my faves as well as The World As I See It which also beautifully depicts the world as I see it myself. Especially when positivity takes over. I get instant shivers whenever I listen to the song. 'You're every emotion you can endure.' If you're in for a cozy evening and wish to listen to some beautiful and uplifting music, Jason Mraz is the perfect choice. I especially am a fan of his Spotify Sessions where you can get to know his personality a tiny bit too.

Spotify sessions with Jason Mraz

The World As I See It

Be Honest duet with a lucky fan

Moving on, my read of the week and possibly the rest of the month - Full Dark, No Stars, a book by the great Stephen King. The book is divided into 5 separate stories which is perfect for such a distracted reader like me. I am only (or already!) 59 pages into the 1st story called '1922' and I am pretty much hands down obsessed. It is emotionally touching, makes me think and look back on my personal actions and of course, it's creepy. Because that is what Stephen King does. One of my favourite books is Carrie also written by Stephen King so it is simply natural that I greatly appreciate the author.

Youtube faves this week - definitely definitely Crash Course Big History Series. John Green is a babe. I had a mindless urge to say this, I don't know why but let's just keep it this way. Crash Course with Hank & John Green and guest Emily are just basically like being in a lecture but possibly a 100 better. Firstly, because it lasts something between 14 to 15 minutes, secondly it is super pretty (kudos to Thought Café) awesome, interesting and to top it all off - you get to either a) learn something new b) brush up your knowledge or c) do both. I have recently finished watching the series and I'm already looking forward to starting one of plenty more series on they're channel. I just love educating and enjoying myself at the same time. If you're also a fan of that, Crash Course is def the top notch choice.


The ultimate beauty goodie is my beat-up and almost done Dandelion blush by Benefit. I was given the opportunity to try their products out when dearie Erian gave me a few tiny samples. One of them was the 3 gram little Dandelion sampler. Guess what, I haven't let go of that for pretty much a year if I recall it correctly. This blush beats every other I have ever used. Dandelion looks fantastic on my porcelain white skin. It's super easily blendable and is very smooth, also, you just need a tiny bit for natural enhancing. It's this lovely dusty rose pink with a tiny bit of golden shimmer. The blush breathes life into my cheeks effortlessly. I love it so much that I'm thinking of biting the bullet and investing in a full size one. Of course, when I have the cash. Let's just keep Benefit blushes on my wishlist for now.

Dandelion by Benefit

This nail polish was what I felt like wearing last week. Wanted to go for a pastel colour and I particularly had this one in mind. It's a super pretty minty colour with some tiny gold specks. Love the colour, not loving the longevity sadly. My right hand thumb chipped the day afterwards and I was really disappointed. Get your game together, Catrice!

L'OREAL Fast Dry top coat & 36 Mint Me Up by Catrice Cosmetics

On the other hand I have a truly amazing goodie is my Fast Dry top coat by L'oreal. I won't go much into details as I've already reviewed it pretty extensively in my last post which was my 1st ever haul on the blog! Yay! I encourage you to check it out here. Overall, the top coat is very thin, dries my freshly polished nails in seconds and is just prettaaay much amazing.

Last but not least on my beauty goodie list is this little guy from Catrice. It's a deep purple-y, burgundy lip tint in 030 'Are You Red-y'. Honestly, I really like the guy. It goes on very light on the lips, dries out quite matte, though I always wear some lip balm underneath, therefore, the shine is still there. The only disadvantage is that it might apply quite blotchy and you have to work your way to perfect looks by applying a few layers until it looks quite good. I have talked about this babe in a post before where I mixed it with another lipstick and it looked superb. I guess I'm really tied to this one since it is the only lip product in my collection that helps me achieve those really dark badass lips. It smells amazing and tastes super sweet too. Yum. Sadly, I heard that this lip tint is already discontinued and is off the shelves. 

030 'Are You Red-y' by Catrice Cosmetics

Possibly my favourite selfie right now. Wearing the mentioned lip tint and dandelion blush.


My freakin' hair. Not trying to show myself off here but my hair is possibly in the best possible state. Long, shiny, thick and strong. Loving my hair game now. I also dyed them last week! If you're keen on checking out my hair care routine, go visit this post, it has everything you need to know on how I tame my red locks.

Enjoying my hair state

Since I'm talking about hair, I'm gonna talk about somebody else's hair. My boyfriend's! I gave him a haircut this last week which happened to actually be very exciting. I cut, shaved and styled his pretty long hair. Now he has a side fringe with a slightly shaved one side of the hair (kinda like one of those funky fashionable guy haircuts) Sadly, the guy is camera shy, so he doesn't feel like being exposed on the webs. (Unlike me, hehe) See, what I wrote in my CV isn't a lie, I actually can do anything I really set my mind to, even if it's being a personal hairdresser. 

As the tiny Christmas tree branch has already retired for the year I decided to repurpose the lovely fairy lights by hanging them on my curtain. It really warms up the apartment and makes me feel super cozy.

Repurposed fairy lights

In other news, these pics were probably the highlights of my past week as I laughed like crazy with tears streaming down my face. I can't recall the last time I laughed without sound. You know, the silent clapping seal technique? That happened. The little tiny paws and fingers. My goodness, I adore rodents. ♥

The pact has been made

I think this sums up my weekly goodies for now. It's the start of another week already and I'm off to seek for new fantastic thingies and experiences. Sending you a bunch of positivity and sunshine. 

Much love,
Evie x

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