'Lost' by WRDBNR

"You can't get lost if you don't know where you're going."

Sometimes I want to write a tiny baby post about how lost (?) and over the place in life I am and how I'm doing in the meantime. Looking at rent prices in Edinburgh, looking at rent prices in Sulzbach, worrying and being overly excited about responses after writing applications for internships, dreaming big and eating well. Fixing friend's essays about some guy named Lars von Trier, writing for myself, drinking orange juice and listening to weird house music with repetitive beats. My life is weird but I want to succeed and educate myself on oxford comma. Being mad at self for throwing out my ancient German vocabulary from high school since I'm trying to revamp my German skills by using the amazing thing that is Duolingo. What else? Just drinking countless cups of green tea, virtually walking around in Germany, looking at pictures of Frankfurt, waiting for snow and making contemplations, as usually. 

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