Goodie round - up. | week 49


Hello, you beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm coming to you with my weekly goodie round - up as I'm still going strong with cultivating gratitude for various gorgeous and amazing things that happened to be a part of my life this week.

Of course, as always, I'm beginning with the art. This week's featured artist is Shaun Lowe who is taking these magical pictures of maritime Nova Scotia's scenery. Shaun is a self taught photographer which at first sounded crazy but sometimes it seems that the best artists happen to be the ones who have enough passion to learn how to work the camera, the pencil or anything of the kind themselves.

I especially enjoy the next picture as I adore the sea myself. The sea looks so wild, yet so serene. It reminds me of the day on the beach in wintertime that I had in 2010. The sea was ferocious, scary but amazingly beautiful. It was snowing heavily and my friend and I drank warm green tea and ate home made sandwiches. I'm pretty sure that I will remember moments like this for the rest of my life as it was the day when I fell in love with the sea in winter head over heels. I remember being frozen into an icicle and there were snow in my shoes but really nothing could ruin that experience for me. Even the fact that I got ill a few days afterwards.

And of course, the stars, the snow and the magical feelings this picture makes me go through. Reminds me of Mikko Lagerstedt photography which I have talked about in my goodie post of week 45. Yet Shaun's art has a different feel to it. Absolutely adore both of the artists. Their photography takes me on a venture somewhere I have yet never been but I'd love to go.

Tea of the week: Saga green tea with raspberry aroma. I know absolutely nothing about this tea except for the fact that it is amazing! My flatmate came around to the kitchen to make herself some tea as I was preparing a meal. I couldn't help but notice the amazing smell this tea spread. It smelled more like cherries than raspberries to me but I was completely amazed and I ended up complimenting the smell. My awesome roommate was kind enough to give me a packet to try even though I was reluctant at first due being shy little self but after assuring me that it was lovely I couldn't doubt, the smell was talking to me on a whole different level. I, of course, tried the tea instantly. I could say that at first it seemed a bit bland but after letting the packet sink in for a bit longer, the true taste and strength of green tea pushed through. Oh how I wish I had more of this.

An accidental find on Facebook - Fubiz ♥

Fubiz is a website that sounds like Furbiez. Joking aside, it's an amazing feed where you can find plenty of amazing design, photography, fine art pieces for selfspiration. (inspiration, I mean ☺)
Sadly, the website itself is mainly in French which I have no command of, yet it isn't a big problem as I go there for eye cookies only. If you're keen on art or design just as I am, give it a try! Some examples down below.

As I love art, I can't really constrain from featuring a selection of a few more pictures by Stephen Orlando who practices motion light pictures also categorized as light-painting.

According to Bored Panda: 'His photos capture the hypnotically repetitive motions of kayakers, canoers and swimmers as they paddle through the water, turning their movement into beautiful woven braids of light.' 

You can read the full article and see more pictures on one of my favourite websites - Bored Panda here.

What else, what else? This week I have been grateful for plenty of spare time, (which I should have used to study) just relaxing and not rushing anywhere. As a result, I basically haven't been wearing makeup, therefore, no makeup goodies this week. Meeerp. My best friends beauty wise were my Garnier mousturizer (which about I wrote in weekly goodies 45) and my Labello watermelon lip balm which is most likely my favourite lip balm evurrrr. ♥ 

Also, I remember being super glad to be seeing sunshine on Monday morning as it put me into a lovely mood after continuously gloomy days. Also, I enjoyed a stroll through Horsens downtown with my boyfriend as it looked amazingly festive. (the town looked festive, not the boyfriend)

Other favourites this week - my childhood video game Heroes of Might and Magic III, the amazing Hey Claire whose video editing skills are just top notch, new blog design, freshly dyed red hair and my new found love for one of my most adored bands Panic! At The Disco.

Claire! ♥


A round of applause for the hotness that is Brendon Urie. ♥ ___ ♥

That's it for this week, cutiepies!
I'll start my next week with an exam and end it with a birthday celebration.
Let it commence.

Take care of your beautiful self,
see you soon! ♥

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