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Welcome again, cookies!

Really glad to introduce you to my blog which is now light and fresh. I personally enjoyed the darker version but upon reading a continuous number of other blog posts about design and blog management I decided to walk an extra mile and switch up my blog a 'lil. Same as in marketing you have to tend after customer's needs, I'll try to tend after my readers' opinions and eyes! People say that it's pretty difficult to read white on black and they simply don't come back to blogs like that in spite of their content. And I do want you to come back, so here's how it turned out.

Simple white main background, dark font and less clutter which was achieved by creating the pages tabs on your right. By clicking on those you'll be able to find a longer self description, my contact details and links to many of the social media channels I'm on as well as a tab that leads to my where you can ask me anything you like. And, of course, a link to bloglovin' where all the bloggers connect.

Even though I really enjoy this new neat look, white is such a demanding colour! I had problems with matching header's white with blogger's white, even though the colour codes are exactly the same, there's a slide shade of difference and I absolutely have no clue why and how to fix it. Hopefully it's more seamless than I think it is, whew!

Since only white would have been just too white, too plain and too bright for my taste, I decided to add another background which happens to be pink vintage roses and surprisingly goes well with everything else.

So far, so good. What's your opinion on my new blog appearance? Would love to hear your input!

Evie x

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