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Hello, cupcake! ♥

Yes, it is indeed me, a tiny lurker behind this little blog in the clouds. I’m here to share my snazzy, rather unpredictable writings from my random, pretty often happy brain.

My name's Ieva but feel free to call me Evie as it is my name's English derivative or Ievuuk [yeah-wuck] as that is how I am usually known and go around the interwebs. Oh, and I stroll around the internet a lot since I can be found on plenty of other social media websites. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. I love social media. Never let shyness cloud your beautiful brain from connecting with me on the plenty of social media channels I'm on. I would be glad to reconnect.

I am native to the beauty that is Lithuania situated in Eastern Europe right across Sweden, yet currently I am a full-time marketing student in the Kingdom of Denmark. I tend to think of myself as a world person and I hope I'll get to visit plenty of other places and maybe even call some of them home. I'm super keen on exploring.

I am a pretty positive person as I tend to carry a smile on my face most of the time, dance like a weirdo and just spread the positive vibes all around me. I'm a firm believer that what you put out to the world, you will most likely get back. So why not put out happiness and positivity?

In case you're wondering about my professional side, I believe that I am very detail and quality oriented as my work's outcome is of great great importance to me. I could never finalize a task or a project without knowing that it is fully perfected. If you'd like to know more about my job experience and skills, you are always welcome to visit my LinkedIn profile.

When it comes to likes and dislikes, I like a lot of things and don't tend to concentrate on the dislikes. I adore all forms of art. I breathe music with my favourite bands being Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paramore and Coldplay. I, of course, appreciate a gazillion more artists and bands. Photography, drawings, paintings and other forms of visual art is another amazing thing that I thoroughly enjoy. If you haven't already noticed, my blog contains a lot of featured art as I am confident that certain kind of art has to be shown to the world. When I'm not listening to music or staring at various artworks I love watching YouTube where I am subscribed to a ton of creative and amazing people. I especially enjoy watching educational science videos, indulge myself in TedTalks and of course adore the beautiful girls who put out videos on makeup as I love makeup myself. I also like to read but I never get myself to do it. L What else? I'm a fan of fluffiness, warmth, tv shows, movies and tea. Especially green. ♥ 

I am super glad to be seeing you wandering around my little lurker blog which has been here for a bit more than 4 years. I really do hope that you will enjoy your time here! Don't ever hesitate to leave me a question, comment or just simply interact with me. I'll be happy to do the same. Byee for now, cutie!

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