Being bubbly and happy isn't always the case in my world. No matter how much I would love that.

Now I finally understand that all of the emotions that I'm going through in my head, the emotions that are making a huge impact on my life are not made up. Mainly due to the fact knowing that I'm not alone in this similar kind of mess. Reading comments upon comments on youtube of people telling their stories about how they feel, how sadness affects their lives. And I believe that it's so important to acknowledge the fact that your sadness isn't made up out of the blue. That it's normal, that it is completely real & acceptable. Sometimes you might not know what's the cause of the dark little clouds building up in your head, but, hey, that's okay. Sometimes you just have to go through this phase and let yourself slide. Give yourself time to mend, to stand up and start believing in yourself again. If only it was that easy, though.

On some days I find myself lying in bed, just not being able to get up, losing all interest in what's happening around me, what are my duties and responsibilities. Sometimes I fall asleep with my clothes, wake up and wear the same clothes, because everything about existing makes me feel so damn tired. Sometimes I just start crying even just thinking about what's yet to come. The projects, the exams, the internship, the work and the deadlines. Sometimes I just break. I like to think that it's the time I'm taking to recharge to get back and face everything that was left behind for a while. Because at times, when you start going and working and doing everything, it's completely fine. You go, go, go and just lose the sense of emotional thought. Therefore, I need this me time, since I believe that emotions make us the people that we are. I need my time even if it is in the middle of the work packed week.

I wholeheartedly like to thank Rachel for opening up and inspiring me to do the same. ♥

*virtual consensual hug*

Evie ♥

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