Mosquitoes go for happy people too.


Oh, so many scattered thoughts. Felt like writing. And then I didn't. And now I feel like doing it again. Slightly forcefully, but I need to get this off my shoulders.

It's only a bit after 11 pm and I'm so sleepily tired. Haven't done a lot today, except being completely emerged in relaxation. In total love for my mind and body. I feel like I really needed to do this to revamp myself. Snacking on roasted seeds and slurping some orange juice. Life inside is pretty good right now in spite of worrying things. Despite of uncertainty again. Nevertheless, I'm here to talk about negativity.

A tiny story from my experience.

One day, around a couple of weeks ago, I was walking back home from uni. It was a beautiful, warm, sunshiny autumn day, I had my coat unbuttoned and a great track in my ears, everything seemed amazing until I noticed my dreadful nuisance approaching me, right there on the street. There were these two young girls dressed in red jackets, one of them with a huge platter of chocolate chip cookies. Home baked, apparently. Only from the sight, I knew who they were. Jehovah witnesses. (I sometimes wonder, did they all really witness the guy?) Anyway, I saw their mouths moving and their eyes pointed at me, so I cockily slid down my headphones, RHCP still playing. (pretty sure it was blood sugar sex magik, super appropriate) They started blabbering in Danish and then something clicked in me: 'Undskyld, taler du engelsk?' I blabbered back in potato language. Before they said anything, I started elaborating that I knew who they were, that people like them, have been coming around to my house and I explained that I'm not a huge fan, but at the very end, I explained that their devotion was lovely and if they believed in what they were doing, so let it be, while patting this one girl on the shoulder. With confused smiles they asked me if I liked a cookie and walked away. Score. The cookie was absolutely amazing.

Negative emotions are swirling around all of the places. Like tiny annoying mosquitoes, looking to suck out a drop of your blood. But in this case, the negativity sucks out your happiness. And you choose the sucker yourself. Then, after being bitten, there's a need for another victim. Negativity, so as happiness, is absolutely contagious. It's like a never-ending chain of an addictive drug. Unless you have the power of will. Unless you're not afraid to speak up and tell the world your true emotions.

To be more specific, in this case I'm not talking about the kind of negativity that lurks on to you itself, not the natural disasters, not the time when you were laid off, not anything bad that happens to you, as a person, but the kind of negativity that you create yourself. The kind of negativity that creeps in your head and gets ticked off when you approach something that you haven't seen before, when something does not go well with your beliefs or personal likes.

I just wanted to say - give it a go with a light heart. Learn to embrace the tiny moments that are handed out to you with a positive view. Hatred is easily spread, but so is happiness. It's up to you to choose your preferred method to go about with your life. Good luck and good night. Evieees. ♥

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