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Hello, pumpkin pies! c:
Happy December to all of you. ♥

It's been a long long while since my last post, but, as always, I have a fair share of excuses and some of them might not be quite valid, but.. you know. What matters is that I decided to come back!

So, what's cooking?
Plenty of things.

I might just start with telling you that I have successfully passed my 1st semester of being a student. Congratulations to me! I have been through ups and downs throughout the whole semester, from being a dummy in this field of marketing to actually gaining a lot of knowledge. Sadly, I still have no great command of economics and business law, but these two are so messy and complicated and can become such a headache sometimes.. and I honestly was never quite fond of these subjects. I only start liking a subject when I understand it. Seems logical, right?

What I really liked about our semester exam is that it was so damn realistic! We were assigned to groups of about 5-6 people (my group had 6 people including myself) and we had to come up with a real strategic analysis of a real and a quite big company. Needless to say, the project was long and sometimes nerve wracking, but in a way it quite changed my point of view on working in a team. I was never a team worker, had a ton of trust issues with people I didn't know well neither what they were capable of, but now, after being forced to work together with other people I formed a tiny bit different opinion. I'm not saying that, I like team work a lot now, it still is a pain in the bum, but maybe I'm not as negative about working with others now. Since I have traits of an idealistic person, I tend to always search for the bright side in what I have to deal with. So, initially, some of my reflections on group work:
  • shared workload really eases your life, you don't get to do as much as you would when you work alone, everyone in a team has their role.
  • every group needs a leader, not a boss, but a strict leader who knows how to and is willing to maintain discipline.
  • polite criticism can really help finding out about your mistakes.
  • being loose = being inefficient.

But being a leader is difficult. I can't complain because I chose to work this way and I know that I couldn't have done it differently. I had to see every word that was written, how it was written and how everything was done. Of course, since a lot of work had fallen on my back, it was very difficult to cope with. I never thought that I would have one of those student nights where I sit all night, stay sleepless and work on a project, but deadlines take their tolls. On the bright side, knowing that people trust you and rely on you is a great feeling. Even though, for a long time since working in my group I thought that people see me as a bossy and tyrannical, but actually it was the other way round. I was helpful. And if you know me, you know that I love being helpful. *smiles*

When it comes to social life.. well, as always, I'm the underdog who doesn't appear in the parties or basically any social activities. I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to be a part of a classmates' gathering, but, you know how some students are.. shallow alcohol consumption. I wouldn't mind a beer or two, (if only there was better beer in Denmark) but drinking just for the sake of drinking is not my case. Also, I'm quite awkward in communicating, I sometimes find it difficult to keep the small talk running with the people I don't know a lot about. I am happy that I have at least a few great people who I can talk to freely when I come around to classes. Feels great. And the cultural difference isn't as scary as I thought it might be. I met two great ladies from my class, an Icelandic-Filipino who I find fascinating because we can talk about makeup and just anyyything, really! Have a laugh, share our daily lives or just comfort one another when needed. And a lovely Indian lady, who I really do love to hear talking about her culture. Also, my marketing lecturer is a sheer blessing, so supportive, energetic and smart. Way to go! Of course, I wish I could get to know more people who I see everyday, but, you know how introverts are.. Well, let's wait for my spring awakening, haha.☺

As for now, tomorrow is my last day in Horsens this year and I am planning to get my camera and take some pretty jolly pictures of the festive dansk by. (danish town in danish)☺ Let's just hope for a lovely day. Now I really really have to hit the hay because I have to finish packing tomorrow, also, plenty of other plans. By the way,  my birthday is in one day and I realised that I'm gonna spend it in a minibus. Luckily, on my way home to my dearest family. A birthday present for myself. ♥

Stay warm, cuties.

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