certain assholes.


 art by Copio.
"Tearing others down does not build you up."

oh, where to start.
well, first off, there are certain types of assholes in our world.
and there will always be, but the truth lies in the fact that we will never be able to do anything about it and all that's left is to get over the assholes and, honestly, do not give a flying f*ck about them.

writing about these assholes does not necessarily mean that I care about what they have to say, I'm just spreading awareness to other people.

I'd like to say 'hey, don't go around being an asshole!'
but c'mon, everybody's an asshole sometimes, even by a tiny teeny bit.
let's face it, you can't be the good guy or gal forever, we all have our faults.

but in this case, I'm here to talk about certain types of assholes.
the ones who go by name mr. know-it-all.

to those I can say: mr. shove-it-all down your rectum.

guys like that who believe that they have the right answer to everything or think that their opinion about others (especially others that they don't know personally) are right can seriously take their opinions and shove it down their rectums, because whatever they say seems to come out from the other end of their digestive system.

I'm still in doubt about how such people can go around talking about others when they don't even know them well, when they haven't even tried understanding or adequately talking to them, not to mention, knowing their likes, lifestyle, nor what makes them happy.

simply, how can some asshole judge you by the way you are living and think that 'uh, duuh, I'm totally right' when that asshole is not you.

because you are the one who makes decisions for your life and even if they might be wrong for YOU, YOU will always be the one who has to deal with your choices.

and I believe that you are the one who understands yourself the best.
also, my decisions shouldn't concern you, f*cker.

so, have respect for yourself, and never ever take into consideration what some ego overflowed mr. know-it-all has to say about you.


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