fluffs, laziness & revival.


(art by Kitten Rain)

while feeling a little bit sicklish, icklish and, of course, ticklish as always I decided to write a tiny little post.

just as always, not knowing what to write I start writing, because, seriously, you guys, I really don't know.
but the thing is that I really miss my blog.
this place used to be so sacred to me..
it owns tons of memories, tons of emotions, a huge huge part of my life.

and I really want to revive this little place.
the main problem might be my laziness.
yup, just me being straightforward - I'm a sheer lazy fuck.
sorry for the swearing, but I sometimes do it a lot.
or I might have started doing it a lot.
just a tiny change.

I have tons and tons of new pictures which are old by now, tons of stuff to tell (phhhst - I'm a student already, don't tell anybody!) but my laziness holds me from sharing it to the world.

another problem for the lack of writing definitely is knowing that you guys don't really read this, am I right?

seriously, who cares about my blabbering?
but it really really helps and it really makes it easier for me.
just to put it out there, even if nobody reads, even if I'm speaking metaphorically and nobody understands, it's fine by me.

another factor why this place started growing weeds is definitely the design's fault.
I mean, dude, how old are you?
time to cha-a-a-a nge!

soooo yea.

I must stop being a young lazy bastard, do something, think of things, move myself with writing and positive thoughts.
also, I wish I could write in both languages: English - so that most of my new friends or just anyone who speaks it could understand and Lithuanian - so that my mommy could also take a peek at my blog at times. If I write something beautiful and she gets to read it, that's the time when her pride in me blooms and I love it, because I love my dear mom.

alrighty, mates, I'm taking a day off tomorrow because of my dumb health issues and will surely work on my little cosy blog. (+ + + reading businesslawmarketingandanalysingstatisticsyaygome!)
because it's my personal place on the interwebz and nobody can tell me what to do here.

bye, hunnycakes. xx C:

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