Leaving leaves.


(art by me)

My newest one on a canvas, now is proudly hanging on a wall at home.

It was really difficult to name it and at first (while painting) I started thinking that it looked like trying to calm down a mad person, 'cause the colours are rather calm, but I went over and over with the colours and put on a ton of layers using different techniques, but I wasn't pleased until I started using my fingers, so, basically.. as RHCP lyrics say: to finger paint is not a sin. And it actually isn't. : D While using my fingers as brushes it came to my mind that there was something missing, so I decided to add a pop of colour and I instantly knew that it had to be bright green in a leaf form. I had ongoing battles in my mind that maybe I ruined it, bet then I started digging it again and it kept repeating a dozen times. On and off. In the meantime while painting the greens, tons of thoughts came to my mind, firstly, about spring - that I love the bright green and how everything comes to life, later on I started thinking about the shape of leaves and that it resemble tears and that's basically where the name came from. Leaves are better than tears, they're basically the same, but green and lovely and they look up. And tears fall down. So do leaves in autumn. They leave the tree, so I assume that trees cry in late autumn. Enough blabbering now, I need a new canvas.

'Tears leave'

2013 08 19

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