the town of Horsens.


Approximately a week has passed since I left Lithuania. And haven't felt regret in any possible way. I like it here, it's lovely. Though loneliness sometimes knocks on my door, especially when I have to sleep alone, eat alone, explore the city alone. But I can't change that, 'cause it's normal and I have to get used to that.

When I'm all by myself, loads of thoughts tend to attack my brain and I'm glad that I write most of them down. My diary is such a big deal for me 'cause I've always been more of a writer than speaker. It's just that I find it easier to express my thoughts in that way. Anyway. I'll leave a little piece of mind here too.

To be more exact, today is the 6th day that I am spending here in Horsens. This period of time here mostly always was a sheer pleasure despite some physical drawbacks that I had to face, but now I'm completely fine. 

Yesterday I was bummed and feeling down, 'cause I had to stay alone again but thought of a solution and it really worked for me. Instead of staying in I went out and took a tiny trip around this little town. It felt great to get out and smell the fresh air, listen to some music and, gee, at some point it was so hot that I had to take of my jacket. The weather is soooo unpredictable here, it kind of resembles my mood swings, maybe that's why I already feel quite close to this town.

Yea, so I went to the shore and.. and the smell of the sea basically knocked me out of my feet. It felt exactly like home. Suppose that I'm a sea child after all and that was what I've been really missing.

I was walking down the shore, taking snapshots, enjoying the view and at that time I felt so warm inside, seemed that nothing could bring me down. Even the rain. It was sunshiny, but this one cloud marched right beneath my head and, yep, it started poring unexpectedly. Despite the fact that I was soaking wet, I was still smiling like an idiot while going back home. People stared at me and were smiling too. *sigh*

Overall, I'm once again having the time of my life. Enjoying cozy evenings with my lover, walks in the starry-skied evenings, holding hands and unexpected hugs.
What could be better?

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