time is on your side.


My life starts to resemble a cat's life for the past few days, especially while being at home.
I eat lots, I sleep lots, I'm lazy and I usually feel sleepy,
I mean it sucks, right?

My productivity ends when I'm not at school, I scrabble something in my notes and want to forget my homework as soon as possible. I believe that this is a result of life that's too convenient, when everything that you need is given. And I DON'T want to be the person that simply takes everything that is given, I want to fight, yes, even to struggle to get what I want, 'cause I think it's the only way to know what it's worth and it's the only way to learn how to appreciate some things. I need to wake up from my hibernation, it's no use, except the fact that I'm not so stressed out. I need to get up, start working, start doing something and challenging myself. Or else my time will be useless.

anyway, I'd make a perfect cat.

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