to finger paint is not a sin.


lazeeeeehh panda.

at the mean time i quite hate my duty of being a woman or something,
so i just might fold in a blanket and drink 3 cups of green tea and stay awake until like 2 am.


or i might just do my boring homework 'cause i'm bored as a board.

what's new?
well, pretty much nothing, except the fact that it's the end of the semester and I've been quite lucky for the past few days.
teachers like me, 'cause i'm such an honest girl.
sometimes honesty plays well.

atm i'm still a bit disappointed, everything will pass.
i will have fun, if not tomorrow, then in about two weeks time definitely, 'cause i'm heading to Vilnius again, woopwoop, now, if it doesn't fail - for the whole weekend.

or i'm just gonna have some fun now or tomorrow.
with a book, by myself, or with some music and my thoughts
or maybe start the 2nd season of supernatural, because it's damn catchy.
not quite sure.

attacking candieeees.

and i'm thinking about renewing my hair colour, 'cause it's fading,
though i've dyed my hair like 3 weeks ago. : ?

link time.

song of the week:

i'm slow to finish, but i'm quick to start.

aaaaand this

'i didn't tell them about the bottle of wine i had at DINNERRR !'

dudes are freaking hilarious. : D
watched this n times, always lifts my mood.

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