as far as I know myself..


"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
- John Lennon

But then I realized that one quotation just couldn't describe me, though it's pretty close. Yes, I'm a dreamer, I am eager. I create images in my head and, if I'm not too afraid, try and make them come true. Sometimes I leave it to fate and watch how it plays. I'm a seeker, trying to find my path and usually have no clue what choice I should make, though it hasn't been long since I realized that each choice can be as meaningful as the alternative. I am curious and I like learning - not the things that are compulsory, but the ones I'm keen on. I create - my drawings and doodles speak for me, sometimes they describe my emotions better than my words or actions do. I usually listen more than I talk. I love the fact that I'm alive here, this moment. I love only a few people in my life, but my love is deep and it roots in me. I like more than dislike. I linger in my own peaceful world of dreams, colours and tons of music. My mood swings are wild, so don't try to keep me down, neither understand me, 'cause my life is a dance and I'm the one who's dancing it.

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