WARNING: contains negative emotions.


Right now I am pissed about everything.
My social life.
My fears that I cannot fight.
My unwillingness to work.
The low level of my English.
My cat.
Financial problems.
Some people.
Lil' twerps who attacked me and my friends with really huge lumps of ice, it was painful actually. I have a bruise on my leg because of those bounders. The fact is that they were approximately 10 years old !
Also I'm furious about society of Lithuania.
My dad, who never calls me.
Selfish people.
And the fact that I still need to read 3 books until the end of semester or my good LT mark will be screwed.
Also, I'm anxious about exams that I will have to take in about 1,5 year time.
Especially IELTS and where I will get money. Summer job? Probably.
I want to study in Scotland badly, but still I am very frightened about all the difficulties that I might have to face.
Geez, I need to stop worrying that much.
I will just go and do my homework now. So long.

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